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Wild camping in Sweden

​Imagine spending the night deep in the forest where no one disturbs your rest, beside an owl's hooting perhaps, and where the Moon and the stars provide your only light. There's no better way to connect with nature and unwind from the turbulent everyday life.

Does this sounds appealing? We're here to help you experience such a magical night!

Wild camping

Why go wild camping?

Did you know that in Sweden you're allowed to freely explore the woods and set up camp almost anywhere? This is what is called 'allemansrätten', which loosely translates to 'freedom to roam' and is even protected by the constitution.

Experiencing this freedom truly feels liberating and exciting, but of course, it also requires some preparation and proper equipment, which is what we want to offer to adventurers who want to try it.

We provide all the essential equipment for a couple of nights, divided in two backpacks. We can also suggest trails and/or sleeping spots and we'll of course help you prepare if you feel uncertain. Anything we can do to enable you to have an unforgettable experience!

**Rent your backpacks with equipment (for two persons) from us and go on an adventure!**


- 500sek for the first night

- 350sek for each additional night

- 500sek deposit

  • Two person tent

  • Two sleeping mats and sleeping bags

  • Two inflatable pillows

  • Small towels and organic soap

  • Gas burner

  • Pans, cutlery, plates and glasses

  • Two headlamps and batteries

  • First aid kit and other small essentials

  • Suggested trails and shelters to sleep in (but feel free to ignore)

  • On request, we can prepare a food box (ask for a quote)


Ready to head into the wild? Book your backpack here!

Would like a food box

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Before you head into the forest, we find it important to say a few words about allemansrätten. Although it indeed allows you to freely roam the woods, it also implies responsibilities. By taking this seriously, nature is protected as well as this right of public access.

The motto of allemansrätten - that is important to keep in mind - is: Do not disturb and do not destroy. This implies a couple of ground rules:

  1. You can roam freely, but keep away from gardens near houses

  2. You can put up your tent anywhere in the forest, but away from private properties or places where this is explicitly prohibited (e.g. some national parks)

  3. Do not leave any rubbish behind

  4. Do not damage plants or trees and enjoy looking at wild life without disturbing them

Thank you for protecting nature!

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