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Our guided hikes

Experience what the Swedes call 'friluftsliv' and enjoy a nice hike with us.
We carefully selected the trails for their beauty and diversity;
there's one for every fitness level!

Guided hikes Sweden

Friluftsliv intro -
easy hike, including lunch





This short hike leads us through beautiful forest paths and past a lake with a small shelter where we can enjoy our lunch by a campfire. The hike is suitable for beginners and families with young children and it's the perfect introduction to enjoying the outdoors.

  • Around 4km long roundtrip hike

  • 2 to 3 hours (including break)

  • Campfire building (if weather permits)

  • Sausage and marshmallow grilling

  • Suitable for young children (6+)



Children till 12 years: 130sek pp

Adults: 180sek pp

* Your guide speaks English, Dutch and Hungarian.

Half-day hike -
including lunch or fika

Halve-dag wandelig




Starting at the shore of Gräsmark's Lillsjön, this path takes us uphill on old horse carriage roads. Walking through deep forests and alongside creeks, we can catch stunning views of the surrounding area. Halfway through the hike we take a break on the shore of a lake to enjoy our lunch or fika at a campfire.

  • 7km roundtrip

  • 3 to 4 hours (including breaks)

  • Diverse and exciting hike

  • Typical Swedish outdoor lunch or fika included!

  • Suitable for beginners

Lillsjön beach

Children till 12 years: 200sek with fika / 230sek with lunch

Adults: 250sek with fika / 280sek with lunch


* Your guide speaks English, Dutch and Hungarian.

One day hike -
14km of beauty and history





This long, broad and diverse trail brings us past the remains of typical Swedish torps, hidden in beautiful, old forests, offering nice views along the way. Although there are no big climbs or descents, due to it's length, this hike requires a certain level of fitness. Challenge yourself (or your kids) and join us for a great experience!

  • 14km roundtrip

  • 5 to 6 hours (including breaks)

  • Diverse and rewarding hike

  • Lunchbox can be booked as well

  • Suitable for somewhat experienced hikers



Children till 12 years: 300sek pp

Adults: 400sek pp


*Your guide speaks English, Dutch and Hungarian.

... and more to come!

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