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Experiences to enjoy

Have you ever wandered in a forest, wondering if you really see all there is to see or wished that you knew the most beautiful place for a campfire? Or have you been kayaking on a river longing for a break with nice food, but had none?

Wonder and long no more, we will help you enjoy the magnificent nature of Värmland and all it has to offer in a new way.

Cabin in the Woods
Guided hikes

Explore Värmland's endless forests with our guided tours; we collected hikes with various lengths and difficulties. Are you ready to challenge yourself?
Or maybe just looking for a nice hike for the day? Check out our selection!

Begeleid wandelen
Cabin in the Woods
Wildkamperen in Zweden
Wild camping

Are you up for a real adventure? Go wild camping!
In Sweden you are allowed to camp almost anywhere,
so no better way to explore the forest.
We offer you the possibility to rent everything you need
for one or several nights in the woods.

Cabin in the Woods
Outdoor cooking

Unwind and connect with nature, while preparing a delicious meal over open fire. An experience that requires patience, but is all the more rewarding.

Picknick aan het meer
Lakeside picnic

Row yourself to a beautiful, secluded little spot and enjoy a delicious picnic. Relax and unwind while you take a well deserved rest and enjoy your meal, surrounded only by mother nature.

Canoe rental

Rent our two-person canoe and go on a trip of your choosing; where you want and when you want. We offer flexibility through personal service.

Canoe rental Sunne
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