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Canoe rental and tours


Trehörningen - one day on a picturesque lake






Rottnan - three day tour on a nice and calm river

Rottnan is a calm forest river that makes its way across the Norwegian-Swedish border and winds its way through the Värmländ's Finnskogen, surrounded by spruce forest. In places a narrow river interspersed with small lakes. You'll also pass a small village and some rural areas on your way south. Keep an eye out for wildlife - the Rottnan area is home to a wide variety of animals and you may be able to spot a beaver from your canoe around dusk.

A trip that is equally suitable for the experienced and the inexperienced paddler.

Lenght: 3 days

Distance: 35 km
Transport over land: 0


  • A two person canoe

  • Peddels

  • Lifejackets

  • Route description

  • Transfer to and from

  • Flexible departures

  • One waterproof bag


1250 sek per person

Optional to

  • Lightweight two person tent (200 sek)

  • Self-inflatable mattresses (200 sek)

  • Sleeping bags (250 sek)

  • Cooking equipment (175 sek)

... and more to come!

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